Mediation should be your first choice in the event of the breakdown of your marriage. As a mediator I have helped people reach a successful conclusion of their family law issues and have been honored to have been appointed by courts to mediate family law disputes that seemed incapable of solution. For most people experiencing a breakdown in their marriage, or even when issues arise after divorce, mediation is the most efficient, least costly process to resolve all issues and enter into an agreement. By selecting mediation, you and your spouse will, with my aid as your mediator, be able to reach a mutual agreement that has not been imposed upon you by a third party, a judge, who is bound by the law and who has limited time and with only certain authority. Through mediation you will also have experts available to you in finance and even psychologists or social workers to help through the process as needed. Most importantly, a process that can take years if through litigation can be shortened substantially and at a cost that is far less, in both emotions and dollars.